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VPBX and Auto Dialer.


For Complete call handling and running of promotional Campaigns.


03 111 417 417 number was given to the dealer which gave the impression of a UAN number.

  • An IVR was set which directed every incoming call to its respective department or if the caller wanted to talk with certain individual he was directed to the operator . We integrated their existing exchange into our system.
  • Portal address and username/password is given to the director operations who regularly listens to the call recordings and view summary reports to monitor his teams performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Complete dialer access is given to the dealer for its daily PSF, NDM calls and quarterly promotional campaigns.. All they have to do is feed the list of numbers into the system and the system automatically calls and bridge the answered calls to the agent simultaneously.
  • VPBX not only helped in improving the call handling ability of agents which in turn increased the customer satisfaction but also helped to increase their sales as no inquiry of a potential customer was missed.
  • Daily call timings were reduced significantly due to Auto Dialer which in turn reduced the calling expenditure as well.
  • Toyota Garden started of with 2 extensions and now their whole incoming/outgoing calling system is through VPBX