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Bank Alfalah


VPBX and Auto Dialer


Daily call handling and campaigns running.

  • Complete VPBX account is created and given to the bank for its daily incoming/outgoing calls handling.
  • IVR of bank Alfalah guides the customers to their respective agents.
  • Daily recovery calls are made through our system. Recordings of these calls is available on the portal for decision makers to view.
  • In September BANK ALFALAH ran a survey to 100,000 peoples to know if their customers are interested in their certain credit card scheme. Our system made automatically generated calls to all numbers and asked the recipients to press 1 if they are interested and press 2 if they are not. At the end of the campaign complete report was made and sent to the bank automatically.
  • Doctors can view the call recordings from the portal
  • Complete call logs are sent to decision makers via E-mail.
  • Bank Alfalah is very happy with our service and wants to continue working with us in future as well.