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For Consultant Doctors

Using this solution Doctors can better manage their appointments in multiple clinics. Instead of publicizing different numbers for each clinic. Each doctor will have one dedicated number where patients can call and book appointment for any clinic of Consultant Doctor. Patients will listen Doctor’s personalized welcome message and this incoming calls will be diverted to different clinics of Doctor according to settings.

Why Doctors need it?

Doctor will have web interface with following functionalities:

  • Missed and received calls details with CLI and date.
  • Call Recording
  • Editing of divert numbers for each clinic.
  • Doctor will not have dependency over hospital for appointments.
  • Doctor will have always same number for each clinic.
  • No hassle for patients if Doctor change the hospital.
  • Doctor can listen recording of all calls.
  • If call is not attended at Clinic reception then it will be diverted to doctor’s mobile number.
  • Order taking of all branches at one place.