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About Call Nexus

Designed for businesses to enhance their customer relationship managment. It helps to boost the sales force performance and optimize their efforts in a appropriate way.

Why do Business buy?

Solution allows customers to receive calls 24 hours a day along with Mobility provided by the 4G enabled best cellular network of Pakistan, removing the risk of missing any potential sales calls from the customers.

Target Market

Every small and medium enterprise can use Call Nexus. Call Centers, e-commerce, restaurants, real estates, banks, and showrooms can get a lot of benefits from it.


Call Nexus can be useful for Home Delivery Restaurants. They can centralized all of their branches at one place and can avail Online CRM and CTI Pop Up functionality to improve their customer care. On the other side it will help to produce closer relationship between customer and restaurant. It can also help restaurant management to keep closer eyes on customer’s likings and disliking.


Using Predictive Dialer, Bank’s calls centers productivity can be improved more then 50%. Currently if an agent is talking to 60 clients in a day, Using Predictive dialer he will be able to talk to about 90-100 clients in a day.

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Our Happy Corporate Companies


Automated Customer Engagement read more

Welcome IVRs and Music On Hold, the contact a customer has with a company and this can be used as a tool to convey anything to their customer without extra hassle.

Call Recording read more

Provide customers with a enhanced knowledge of their customers with call monitoring and call recording to help improve quality and agent performance.

Basic CRM read more

A basic CRM to help businesses store their data and run analytics on the respective data. The features enables any business to help store there data without hefty investments in software and hardware.

Detailed Call Logs read more

Complete call logs are maintained on which analytics are run to help our customer’s understand their own clients. Since one of the most important pillars for a business is KYC: Know Your Customer!